Adriana (adrianabr) wrote,

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Thank God...

Finally it's Friday again, and I've just few hours of working today. This was another hard week, not so hard than last one, but I'm glad it's almost over too. I had an argument with my boss, and it made me feel really frustrated later. I mean, I can't let that woman control my thoughts so deeply, and that's exactly what happened, I thought about that situation over and over the entire week, since Monday (when it happened). Yesterday I finally gave up thinking about it, frequently my co-workers and I say the better thing to do is letting her doing whatever she wants, even when she's totally wrong, so she'll leave us alone, but sometimes it's impossible to simply witness her stupidity and keep the mouth shut. That's what lead me to this week argument, but right now I don't give it a damn anymore, if she wants to burn the building, so it will be.
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