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Meloni's dream!!

Finally it happened again, I dreamt with Almighty Meloni!!! It was my 4th dream, and although this wasn't a NC-17 one (just like happened in the past) it was pretty nice: I was visiting a house, people was painting it and so on, and its owner was showing the place to me. It's curious, but while reminding it now it seems the guy looked a lot like John Glover, a.k.a. Lionel Luthor, same beard and long hair.
Whatever. We were sitting near a door, and suddenly I looked to the guy... and he was Chris Meloni!! He was looking a lot like he's in those photos

He was really nice and smiling to me while explaining how the house would be after the painting. Then I touched one of those objects similar to balusters near us, and of course one decided to fall, quickly followed by another one. I tried to stop them with my feet (why didn't I use my hands??), he laughed and used his feet to prevent others to fall too. Our feet touched then, and it was a really erotical experience, being touched by Chris' feet!
But the dream just changed, and so he disappeared. Shit, it always happens when I'm having fun!! Anyway I woke up really happy after this dream, hope there'll be more soon!!!! (preferably NC-17 ones!)


Jul. 6th, 2004 04:41 am (UTC)
Dreaming about them is always perfect, Anne!!! But in fact Lee wasn't in my dreams until now, maybe in the future - and I know it'll be good too!!