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Me and other fandoms

And it leads me to Smallville, Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings and Queer as Folk. I still can’t see why everybody loves Clark, although Luthors (father and son) are really hot. I’ve been watching S3 episodes, and so far I prefer fanfic. Harry and his friends... well, just now I watched 1st and 2nd movies, and I hadn’t read any book or fanfic. It’s a curious universe, and that Draco boy, he’s lovely, so bad – and his father is great too (I’ve a thing for bad fathers and his bad sons, as you can see, LOL). LoTR... hum, I never read the books or fanfic, and I’ve to confess I didn’t like the 1st movie so much. I’ve to watch it again, and also the others, before having a better opinion about it. US QaF... it’s not Oz, but there’s a lot m/m action, so I’m ok with it. Some people keep telling me how better was English QaF, but it’s not on our TVs anymore, and I’m not sure if it’ll be again, so I can’t compare. Anyway I love Debbie and Michael’s interactions, and Ben is such a decent guy, and Brian is so horrible but has a soul deep inside of him... yeah, I’m liking this show a lot!


Jul. 25th, 2004 12:16 pm (UTC)
I've tons of tapes here, so don't worry about it. I tape all my shows when they broadcast and then buy the DVD sets as well, so I always have a lot of spare tapes.

I need to hook up my parent's VCR with my own to do the copying. They're going on holiday for a week on Wednesday, so I can borrow their VCR then.

I'm happy to tape it for you. I love sending people tapes. I send OZ to suzycat in New Zealand because they don't have it there. Just send me a postcard next time you go somewhere nice and we'll be even.

Do you see much British TV? QaF UK is set in Manchester in the north of England and all the characters in QaF UK have quite strong accents. Stuart (equivalent to Brian in the US version) is Irish and sounds a bit like me! Everyone else is from Manchester. I have the script book somewhere so I can clarify any bits that you find tricky.
Jul. 28th, 2004 08:00 pm (UTC)
Girl, you're great! Don't worry, I can wait for the tapes. As most part of Brazilians I'm more used to listen to American English, so probably I'll have to watch each episode twice to understand them perfectly, LOL - but it'll be good to learn their accent, I suppose.
Oh God, I'm too late on my flist reading and just today I discovered your birthday was last week - sorry for that, but anyway happy b-day, and I hope you'll have a great year of love, money and m-m action!!!! ;o)