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I don't like soccer at all...

Down here it's basically a men's sport (ok, I like to see guys' legs, but that's all). It seems little boys learn to crawl, to walk and then to run after a ball, dividing themselves in two groups of 11 players, screaming, saying bad names, celebrating when they win, blaming every single soul in the world when they lose. Whatever, that's how it works.
Anyway, when I see a photo like this

I almost like soccer. I mean, it's good to see those grown up boys celebrating, they won, they feel pretty invincible - at least until next time, when they'll have to do the same routine again (scream, say bad names, celebrate, blame, etc.) - but for now everybody's happy, we won Copa América, it's good to be Brazilian these days.

(and it's even better the losers were Argentinians, our historical soccer enemies. Sorry, hermanos, it wasn't your day, LOL)