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B/K at Titanic

There are buses at Niterói and Rio that have TVs. Generally they show local news, cartoons or soap operas, but few of them even have VCRs. I watched Harry Potter (parts of first movie) for the first time while coming back home after work, picture it! Recently, however, buses drivers have been preferring turn on their radios, so no movies anymore for me.
Anyway this morning I took the bus and Kate Winslet and Leonardo di Caprio were trying to survive in the end of Titanic. Most part of people I know always thought it was a really touching scene, when he’s almost freezing and asking her to survive, but I was never affected by that. While everybody cries a little watching them I just look and keep thinking how beautiful Kate Winslet is and if he’s going to have this teen look forever, just like Ralph Macchio (by the way does anyone know what he’s doing? The guy just disappeared!).
But today... I don’t know why, but I *was* affected by that damn scene. So affected that I almost embarrassed myself crying in front of everybody, although it wouldn’t be exactly new, I’d already done that reading two fics (I won’t embarrass their authors telling it again!). I blinked sometimes and fortunately very soon it was time to leave bus, I didn’t have enough time start my little show. And now I’m thinking it’d be a great scene with Lee Tergesen as Rose and Chris Meloni as Jack, once more Chris dying and Toby staying alive. Too silly thought, maybe it’s time to coffee again...


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Jul. 29th, 2004 09:08 pm (UTC)
Awww. Maybe you needed to cry a little. Sometimes it's best to just let that out, no matter what might provoke it. We all have days like that.

Re: Ralph Macchio -- The Karate Kid, right? No, I haven't heard about him in ages. Well, wasn't really a fan, but it is strange how someone can be so hot and then a few years later they've disappeared off the face of the earth.

Re: A B/K version of Titanic ... No, huh-uh, I'm going to pretend that idea never flitted across the surface of my brain. LOL

See, I have been fascinated with the Titantic for ... ever. It was once suggested that this is because in a past life I was on the ship and went down with it, but I don't know about that. I think it's just the story, the majesty of the ship and the tragedy of its fate, the stories of all those people.

So combining that with my guys would be tempting ... but I couldn't do the sad stuff. My version, they would both survive. What can I say, I'm a happily ever after sap. *g*
Jul. 30th, 2004 05:12 pm (UTC)
Thanks for your words, Rebecca! I don't like the idea of putting a little show in front of everybody, but if it has to happen, well, it happens. Fortunately it didn't happen the other day, LOL
I remember Ralph Macchio was a teen crush to many of my friends during the 80's, and that's really weird how some people just disappear after their 15 minutes of fame and success. Just recently I discovered Rob Lowe is still alive and kicking, and he was another hottie down here during those years!
OMG, please, don't write a "Titanic" sad version involving our boys! OK, the entire concept of your HiSoc boys could lead them to a situation like that, traveling in such huge, impressive and amazing ships, but don't let tragedy touch them, pleaseeee!!!! ;o)
Jul. 30th, 2004 06:17 pm (UTC)
Oh yes, Rob starred on The West Wing for its first ... three seasons, I think. And it's funny, but I was never a huge fan of him either, but I have to say the show hasn't been the same since his character was written out. He had another series last year, but it didn't last long. Think he's in another one in the upcoming season, and he also starred in a mini-series called Salem's Lot, based on a Stephen King novel.

Wow, never thought I would have that much to say about Rob Lowe. LOL

Re: Titanic fic, no, I wouldn't be able to pull off anything quite that tragic, don't worry. Actually, in those HiSoc fics where the boys go to Europe, they do go over on a cruise ship. I wrote one dealing a little bit with that a while ago, in fact.

Jul. 30th, 2004 06:19 pm (UTC)
Jul. 31st, 2004 03:02 am (UTC)
Hey, I remember that fic, I read it! I don't know if I had written its feedback, but I like your HiSoc universe a lot, it's so vivid and easy to picture! And wouldn't Lee and Chris look great on that clothes? ;o)
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