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Movies front - update

Last weekend I (finally) saw Monster, Lord of the Rings: Two Towers and Freddy vs Jason.
Monster was a little disturbing to my taste, I'm not sure if I'd watch it again. Ok, I'm used to killers' stories, but maybe the fact that was a true one, with a bad end, made me feel uncomfortable. Charlize Theron did a great job, no doubt about it, I could feel her (little) happiness, pain and anger all the time. But Christina Ricci... yes, I know it wasn't her, but the character... was it just me or anybody else was disgusted by how dependant she was on her father, and later on Aileen? OK, she had a broken arm, but there are jobs you can do when you have a broken arm. One of my co-workers had his *two* arms broken few years ago, and after two weeks at home he came here everyday to answer phone calls - wasn't possible to her finding a job like that? Maybe if she'd done that Aileen hadn't turned to a serial killer. But it doesn't matter anymore, everything had already happened at real life, so all I can do is whine (as always).
Oh yes, Lee Tergesen's character... ouch, he scared me, no Toby at all but a bad, sadistic man. Really good characterization, but not enough to make me watch this movie again. Better watching Shot in the heart.

Lord of the Rings: Two Towers: hum, I'll say it loud - I didn't like first LotR. Don't hit me, people, that's true but I was always afraid to admit it. I watched it twice but my opinion didn't changed. But this movie I liked a lot! Why? I don't know, but the plot was much more interesting, IMO. Probably it was the dragon (I don't remember if there was a dragon in the first movie), I love those creatures. And finally, *finally*, I started to understand the AragornLust. Viggo, though, hadn't touched my heart yet.

Ah, Freddy vs Jason... I always loved Freddy Krueger movies, and I'm sure they'll give an special Oscar to Robert Englund when he's 75, but this movie sucks royally. I hope Alien vs Predator is a little better.