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Ah, Christmas... I really like this season. I do remember that’s celebration of Christ’s birthday, although many people think it’s Santa Claus birthday. And it arrives early at my home, because my mother loves it and always wants us to be the first family at neighbourhood to have season decoration at windows. But it’s never her chore, but mine and my father’s. He takes care of lights, and I take care of the rest, which means decorating a medium-size plastic tree with dozens of balls, Santa Claus, angels, snowflakes and so on, finding best places at living room for bigger Santa Claus, decorating our apartment door... This Sunday I spent some hours doing all that. During year this stuff stays in the top of a wardrobe, just coming to light from November to January (only first week). And for sure I always forget some objects there, so it never ends as soon as I’d like. Anyway now it’s finished, and probably this Monday night we’ll have our lights on windows. I’m pretty sure our neighbours think we’re a little crazy for decorating home so soon, but it’s nice to see when everything’s ready. After that we’ll just have to visit many relatives, specially the ones we don’t meet frequently during year. And, of course, now I also have to think about gifts I’ll have to buy and cards I’ll have to write...