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There was a time when I could spend the night surfing, at least until 4 a.m. - then I slept about 5 hours and go work. Of course I was tired the entire day, but it was a (good) routine. I can't do that anymore, I feel the need to sleep about 1 a.m. Guess I'm getting old.

* * *

My father is ok, it seems his kidney stone came out unnoticed. There's no pain anymore. That's good, but his exams showed there's another stone, the size of a bean, inside his left kidney. My mother is making him drink galons of water and tea every day. I hope it works.

* * *

My grandmother's eye is ok too, so ok she's thinking to go back to her home. She doesn't seem to understand she's 88, and it's not a good idea to live alone in a huge apartment. Sometimes she falls, it'd never happened when she was alone but nobody wants it to happen. We live in a 2-bedroom aparment, and she sleeps with me, in my room, when she's here. My uncle, her son, lives at another city but he's here frequently, so all of us think she can go home when he's at town, he'd take care of her (there are a few issues about this topic, but I'm not in the mood to think about them right now). The rest of time she can live with us. We also have a 3-bedroom apartment, there's a family living there now, they rent it, but my mother thinks we should move, so my grandmother would have her own room. I wish we didn't have to move, the apartment we're living is perfect, even the localization is really good, but some things must be changed, my grandma needs comfort too - although she's been sleeping on my bed, and there's space for her inside my wardrobe, I think she'd love her privacy back. Just like me.

* * *

Titília died last Saturday. It was a smart lady which belonged to friends of mine. She was found at streets, a small baby looking for somebody kind enough to adopt her. She was lucky to find two daddies who loved her a lot, and even an elder brother, Pedro - they used to mess the house together, shared their toys...
When my friends broke up each of them keep one of the dogs. Titília moved to Copacabana and was having a nice life, although it seemed she was depressed (missing Pedro maybe?). Its vet didn't notice she was slowly getting sicker and sicker, and when it was discovered she needed a intestine surgery it was too late. It stopped breathing 3 times after surgery, and its heart didn't resist.
All of us who had the privilege to know it will miss a lot its way to strike poses while being photographed - it was so funny, it was like really posing!
R.I.P., Titi...


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Oct. 11th, 2004 05:40 pm (UTC)
I'm sorry about Titília, Adriana. It was a very cute dog. ((hugs))
Oct. 11th, 2004 07:49 pm (UTC)
It was lovely, Ana, its owners are feeling really sad now, missing it a lot.
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