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Ozzies sightings

Brazilian girls, celebrate! This month our favourite guys will be on different movies shown on TV, so pay attention to the list below:
- Point Break: Lee Tergesen, a.k.a. Tobias Beecher, is there. It’s hard to recognize him, he uses long dark hair, but he’s there near a fire at beach; deciding Keanu Reeves destiny with Patrick Swayze and then running away with Patrick S. – it’ll be at AXN, 28/01 (22h) and 29/01 (15h);
- The Laramie Project: that’s about Matthew Shepard death. He was an American gay student who was beaten and left to die roped to a fence. He was found alive but died some days later. It happened at Laramie, Wyoming, and the movie shows its citizes reactions to this hate crime. Terry Kinney, Tim McManus from Oz, is there, as Matthew Shepard’s father, and he’s absolutely fantastic during the trial scene – it’ll be at HBO, 13/01 (19h 15min) and 25 (13h);
- 12 monkeys: Chris Almighty Meloni alert!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s Lt. Halperin in only two scenes (so few!!): the first when Madeleine Stowe is found after her kidnap, and later when he phones her to talk about a bullet she had found inside Bruce Willis leg (but I’m not sure if it was really in his leg!). Anyway it doesn’t matter, after these scenes you can turn off your TV, there’s nothing else to be watched in this movie! – AXN, 12/01 (22h), 13/01 (15h) and 18/01 (22h);
- Runaway Bride: Richard who? C’mon, forget this guy, Almighty Meloni workis here too!! He’s Julia Roberts’ last fiancé before Richard G. arrival. Well, I can’t understand what makes a girl prefer old Richie instead of lovely Meloni... – TNT, 11/01 (19h 30min);
- On-line: I don’t have the slightest idea about this movie, but Harold Perrineau Jr., Augustus Hill from Oz, works on it – Cinemax, 21/01 (22h) and 29/01 (1h 30min).