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And so me and my parents met that woman I've seen for a long time. We know her for years, but we were never close friends, do you know what I mean? Whatever, we met her and she, very friendly, looked at me and said how my mother is much more beautiful than me. Oh yeah, I was really needing that kind of incetive. See, when I was a little girl I knew my mother was the most beautiful woman of the entire world. Then I was a teen and doubted that, but after some time I was absolutely sure about it again, my mother's really the most beautiful and amazing woman alive. I doubt I'll be like her, but it's not a pleasant situation to hear somebody saying that aloud, specially if the person thinks s/he's in fact helping you to improve your appearance.

Jesus, for just one moment I thought how good it'd be if my inner Keller had come out to break the bitch's neck.