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nerodi's opinion on Lee

Do you know nerodi? She's a very nice woman who loves her husband, her twin girls (a.k.a. Thing One and Thing Two), Smallville and PegBoy Clark. If you hadn't friended her yet you should do that *right now*!!
But she didn't know Lee before Saturday night - and her post about her first time with him is so good I had to ask her to post it here too. Read it:

Anyway, last night I met up with tobyfan and alyt and a few of their Oz fandom friends to go see this show on broadway starring Lee Tergensen (Beecher on Oz). Tobyfan (anne) had an extra ticket, and I wanted to hang out with her, meet aly, and i always love going to the theater, so i was in. Anyway, when i got there anne was like "Do you want to go out with us and Lee after the show?" and I was all "huh, what?" (kind of thinking i didn't want to wait backstage to get his autograph or anything after the show). I was like "Um, what do you mean go out with Lee?" Anyway, it turns out one of Anne's friends runs the Lee Tergensen website and let him know that the group was going to be there etc. etc. So, after the show (oh, the show, The Foreginer, was only okay, but it was so cute every time Lee was onstage Anne was totally flipping, hee!!!) we are standing outside when Lee comes over, goes straight to Anne, addresses her by name, gave her a huge hug, was asking her questions, etc. He knew the name of *every single person* in the group, greeted every one so warmly. He didn't recognize me so he came over and I introduced myself and he was so friendly an interested in everyone, what they thought of the show, how they were doing, laughing with everyone etc. I was *stunned*. STUNNED. Thinking now *that's* how you treat your fans, yo. I was so impressed. We walked down the street to a bar and then I took off (had to go home and make the food for the kiddies), and Lee asked me why I wasn't staying etc. Anyway, the whole thing was just super impressive. He is a fantastic guy, and I was really really REALLY happy for anne and all her Oz fans b/c damn, that's just really damn cool.

Isn't he lovely? Isn't it so cool to see how he cares about his fans??? *g*


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Nov. 15th, 2004 05:06 pm (UTC)
It's great how he treats his fans. Lee is really a great guy .:)
Nov. 15th, 2004 09:02 pm (UTC)
Isn't he??? ;o)
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