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I'm back from Brasília, where I'll have my surgery - yeah, it'll be on January 7th, but I still have to send few documents to doctor there. Anyway everything is almost decided, I'll talk about it later - because now I've to read my flist and answer lots of messages. By the way I've to say I'm using aotearoagal boys mood theme and new icons made by michelledru, the_koda_uprise, actizera, aotearoagal, fanfromfla, oo_lookit_shiny, mydarlings, fictionbya and svu_fan_4ever - the one on the left is amazing, isn't it?? ;o)

And just because alinewrites posted a photo of her Christmas tree I decided to show you mine too

My mother, that evil woman, makes me and my father decorate our apartment on November because she loves Christmas, so our room is like that since Nov. 1st, believe it or not, LOL


Dec. 15th, 2004 02:11 am (UTC)
Ryan's icon was made by oo_lookit_shiny, and isn't it funny? And about mood theme... wait for the day when I'll be feeling devious, LOL