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Get yer ego massaged here (finally!!)

My memory isn’t anymore so perfect as it was few years (or weeks?) ago, so I’ve to say now that...

magickslash is a lovely, lovely girl, a talented writer who totally makes my day with her fics, posts and comments – you know, even during that damn, surreal discussion about kittens and Keller she made me laugh hard (but I’m sooooo glad that topic is finally over!!). She belongs to Aussie bunch, these people rock, and I hope Santa brings her a PC or a laptop really soon, so she’ll be able to enjoy smut on her home, and will never have to look for a library without filters to porn – poor girl!!!

msdaccxx, a.k.a. Amazing ShowerMat is our favorite librarian! That little pervy girl always makes me smile while reading her comments about sexy boys touching (well, not touching touching, but the way she writes and her icons makes me picture it perfectly!). And she has red hair!!!! I tried so hard to have red hair all my life, but it never happened, maybe next year I’ll try again. Anyway I’ve to say I love her writing style, it’s so full of life, and her photos are also funny – does anybody remember the pink bedroom?? LOL


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Dec. 25th, 2004 09:13 pm (UTC)
Dude! You're too good to me, really. And my room isn't pink, it's dusty rose, so nyahhh!
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