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Thanks to actizera I know that

What Will adrianabr Get ?
Xmas pressie predictor
Big wooly jumper knitted by aaniren
Pair of Socks from lierdumoa
Bottle of Whiskey from actizera
Cd from dargie
Something Cuddly from meganinhiding
Something Intoxicating from penalty
Something Silly from msdaccxx
Something Funny from maverick4oz
Lump of coal from a_gal_icons
Something Pretty from rileyc
Something Shiny from pelops_kouros
Something Naughty from dustandroses
Something Smelly from fiola_rf
Something Breakable from fanfromfla
Something Useful from aotearoagal
Something not useful from marinwood
The Black and Decker Tool Kit from cheights
Livejournal account from rustler
The Make-up Bag from alinewrites
Stack of DVDs from lisaluvsblair
Something Geeky from jade_starlight


Made by _imran_ and beyond_bananas.
Hosted at Memeland

But it'll only happen because thanks to alinewrites I know that I was

Nice, but has been naughty at times. Neatness and politeness have been very good over the last two weeks. Shows proper respect for others. Shares well, but could always be better. With a little more effort could be near top of "nice" list. (at The Santa nice-o-meter)


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Dec. 27th, 2004 07:29 pm (UTC)
What Will adrianabr Get ?
Xmas pressie predictor
Big wooly jumper knitted by aaniren

HA HA That was good! However, my knitting skills...are definitely not something to show around LoL I hope you'll like my REAL present just as much, though (when it arrives, of course G :)
BTW, your 'ass crack' mood icon really cracks me up - no pun intended
Dec. 28th, 2004 04:20 am (UTC)
I'll like it, girl, I'm sure - and isn't this mood icon amusing??? ;o)
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