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Gacked from tracy_rowan

Brazilian fellows, you can imagine the scene below having "Festa no apê" by Latino as soundtrack... LOL

xmas party at adrianabr's house!!

magickslash</strong> drank 7 white wines, 14 white russians, 4 pilsners, 10 absinthes, 11 irish creams and 14 poteens.

magickslash</strong> threw darts at the neighbours cat.

magickslash</strong>, you just don't know when to stop do yer? Get down and give me 20! AND MOP THAT SICK UP!

pelops_kouros</strong> drank 2 pulques, 10 vodkas, a cosmopolitan, 15 sambuccas, 13 ciders and 4 aligator bites.

Contrary to popular belief pelops_kouros</strong> firmly assured the room that they have never considered following "Reindeer Blowing" as a proper career.

adrianabr</strong> drank 3 mescals, 12 red wines, 13 goldschlagers, 8 ciders and 8 hot toddys.

kitestringer</strong> drank 11 pernods, 2 vermouths, 7 lagers, 8 red wines, 7 rums and 8 stouts.

marinwood</strong> drank 11 goldschlagers, 15 mescals, 12 brandys, 3 vermouths, a mint julep and a poteen.

a_gal_icons</strong> drank 6 mescals, 13 tequilas and 14 everclears.

maverick4oz</strong> drank 8 champagnes, 5 white russians, 2 white wines and 14 hot toddys.

isagel</strong> drank 2 gins.

lierdumoa</strong> drank 6 lagers and 8 gins.

Bloody hell! Was that pile of brown marks on the floor there last night, adrianabr</strong>?

Xmas Party?

Drunken fights, hammer attacks, glorious turkeys, ridiculous amounts of alcohol, sex, drugs and rock n roll

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