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My surgery

Well, it’s time for telling the amazing story of my surgery. Fasten your seat belts, kids, and be ready because it’s a looooong one...

On January 5th me and my parents traveled to Brasília, where surgery would happen. It’s also the city where my uncle (Dad’s brother), aunt and cousins live, but we decided to stay at a hotel instead of at their house, it’d allow us more freedom. Anyway I went to doctor once more, and everything was ready to surgery. I’ve to confess since the date was set I started to eat as a possessed all types of food I wanted: chocolate, pasta, sandwiches, candies... do you know last meal to people at Death Row? Yeah, I was acting like that, saying goodbye to my favorite food, it was my personal farewell to large quantities of food too. Thank God it didn’t cause me any belly ache or anything that would postpone surgery!
Whatever. On January 7th it happened, and it was a success according to my doctor. My "old" stomach is still here, but it won’t be used anymore. Doc made a section of it, it’s inside a silicone ring, and this section is my "new" stomach. Right after surgery its capacity was of 20 ml, allowing me to sip water and tea. I stayed one day at Intensive Treatment Unit, where nurses were great, taking good care of me all the time. On following day I was at my own room. There was a young girl of doc’s crew (she was just 18!) to take care of me, she would stay there on following 24 hours. I think maybe some of his patients’ relatives can’t do that, but it wouldn’t be a problem to me, my parents could do that. Anyway they were tired, and she was good company. My mother asked her to stay another night, so while I was at hospital’s room (a weekend) she was there too.
On January 10th my doc’s assistant came at morning (about 10 a.m.) and said I was ready to go home. I didn’t feel any pain, I was walking without people’s help (and walking at hospital with my sleeping clothes and a hair just like Hair Bear from Hair Bear Bunch was a epiphany, all other patients did the same and nobody cared about it!!!), I was drinking, in fact I was anxious to leave hospital. He’d signed the papers to that, and a nurse came to see if I was ok. Just then I puked for the first time, I still was at my room but I thought it was caused by all tea I’d drunk on previous day. I’d also noticed my belly was a little hard but I thought it was normal, or it was caused by gases.
Then me and parents went back to hotel and nightmare started. Arriving at our room I began to puke more frequently, and it was really weird because I hadn’t eaten anything that could cause it. My parents gave me different things to drink: water, coconut water, papaya juice, Gatorade, and none of it was kept more than 10 minutes at my stomach. I started to feel like shit, while they were getting really worried. My mother tried to find my doctor but he was at another surgery (he had two that day, and then my emergency one at night). His secretary was trying to talk to him too (Mom begged for her help) but she didn’t have luck, at least not during the day.
At evening Mom finally had luck and doc’s assistant was found. But he didn’t seem too interested: he told her to gave me some medication and that was all. Ok, Mom did that, but as soon as I took them I puked again, so it didn’t have time to work. By that time I was feeling really sick, every movement caused pain and my belly was considerably harder than before. My parents were more and more worried, but just at 9 p.m. my doc phoned them and asked what was going on. Mom told him, and he told her to drive me to his office. I had the feeling I’d go back to hospital, but my parents didn’t believe that.
Doc’s office was already closed but he arrived there at same time than us, and after touching my belly he decided I’d to go back to hospital to an emergency surgery to discover what was wrong. Well, that’s when my parents aged about 10 years, and I confess I’d felt a kind of relief. Another surgery wasn’t a good sign at all, but at least he’d discover what was going on inside me.
He drove us to hospital (because we weren’t with our car there), and while my father was with him signing the papers for the new surgery my mother stayed with me at ER. Needless to say I continued puking at plastic cups she’d carried to prevent any "accident". There was a X ray before surgery and then I said bye to my parents once more and went to surgery room. Last time I saw the big clock at it was 11,30 p.m., later Mom told me it lasted until 2,30 a.m., but I didn’t know it until following day, when I found myself at ITU again.