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One more adventure from surgery times

Back at December I noticed I'd have my period starting exactly on January 7th. I thought it wouldn't be the best thing to happen with all surgery issues happening at same time, so I phoned to my gynecologist to discuss about it. She told me to use a pill during a week, it'd make my period come earlier. Yes, it happened exactly the way she'd said, and in fact I didn't have to worry about tampoons during the two surgeries. But after them my period came again... and stopped... and came again... and stopped once more... I don't know why it happened, and a nurse told me it wouldn't be a problem to be during the period at surgery, they would had made me use a kind of diaper. Well, it's been a long time since it started, but it's just like then, I think I've been on my period for about 25 days just at January... and it's not over yet. God, I want to go back to my perfect menstrual cycle!!