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Life in general

I finally realized I’d never be able to read all messages (about 650) that were waiting to be read on my Yahoo account. Next Monday I’ll be back to my job, I still have plenty to do before that, so it was better starting to delete some of them – several feedbacks to fics, general discussion, etc. Private messages, though, are still waiting to be answered. Wish me luck *sigh*

* * * * *

Good news: I started eating solid food last week, and it was a blessing! Meat, chicken, bread, cheese, rice, beans, even vegetables – I never imagined I’d miss vegetables! Right after the surgery my stomach only accepted about 20 ml of liquids; after some time I could drink more; now I can eat at lunch and dinner two tablespoons of food, one full of protein (chicken, meat, fish, any of them) and the other with rice, beans and vegetables. There are many substitutions that can be made (pasta instead of rice; 2 cookies instead of half a slice of bread; chicken instead of meat, etc.), but the most important thing is: I have to eat slowly, very slowly, taking about 30 minutes to lunch and dinner. Everything must be cut in very small pieces (1 cm), and it’s better don’t try anything bigger or I’ll feel really sick. I had tried (hidden from my family, of course) one of my old favorite sandwiches: a slice of bread, almost everything that is inside the refrigerator, another slice of bread (I think you got the idea), and it took me just a few bites before I felt awfully sick. Today I tried eating bigger pieces of meat and the result was that I had to puke them. It seems my throat closes around these things I’ve to avoid from now on, I have to stop eating immediately when it happens. Well, I think it’s a good thing, I’ll really have to follow doctor’s orders or I’ll be permanently sick.

* * * * *

Bad news: do you remember my father had kidney stones? Last week the last of them decided it was showtime. Dad had strong pain during few hours, until his doctor said it’d be better to remove it surgically. So he and my mother went to hospital at Thursday (when that damn stone was removed) and came back home at Friday. Now he’s ok, but I think this entire hospital season we’ve been through is getting a little annoying, do you know what I mean?

* * * * *

My grandmother also had her hospital moment just after we’d come back in the beginning of this month. She was at her home and suddenly passed out. Luckily she wasn’t alone, the woman who cleans her house and the other one who manicures her nails were there and phoned to my mother, who drove her to the nearest hospital. A doctor there said she was ok, he couldn’t find any real reason to her passing out but she should rest and avoid any stress. Obviously it isn’t easy to take care of an apartment as big as hers at the age of 89, and my uncle (her son) does a great job at providing her with reasons to worry – his life is so full of problems (ex-wife, daughter, new wife, financial difficulties, health problems, etc.)... So she’s again spending, at least here she doesn’t have to take care of the apartment and we’re always keeping an eye on her. We believe her passing out was a kind of emotional relief after my surgery complications – and let’s not forget we didn’t see her during 25 days, which probably caused insecurity on her (she can always count on us, which can’t be said about my uncle).
Hum, she’s my roomate when she’s here, but Mom decided she deserves a bedroom only to herself, so there’ll be a few modifications here: there’s this room (the size of a stamp) we use to general storage, and it’ll be my next room. There’ll be space only to a bed, a wardrobe and my computer table there, but in fact I’m excited with this idea. We’ll paint the walls, open a new door, close the one that already exists and buy a new bed and a smaller wardrobe, maybe a smaller table too. I love my grandma and confining her in a room like that would be a crime after almost 40 years sleeping at her enormous bedroom. Sooner or later I’ll leave my parents’ house, it wouldn’t be so hard to come back from work everyday to a small bedroom like that. She’ll have a bedroom of a decent size, with a big window, and I’m happy with that. I spend most time of day away from home, it doesn’t really matter how big it’ll be my bedroom – as long as a bed and my beloved computer are there, I’ll be happy too!

* * * * *

I never believed Ronaldo and Cicarelli would really marry, and this is just an engagement party, both of them aren’t legally divorced yet. Anyway there’s this huge party happening right now, and I’m not there. Poor me...


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Feb. 15th, 2005 02:56 am (UTC)
Your family must be so sick of hospitals right about now.

Glad you're into the solids. Your first taste of meat must have been pure bliss.
Feb. 17th, 2005 03:07 pm (UTC)
Sick of hospitals? You can't even imagine, LOL
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