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This week has been a little boring. Maybe it’s the weather, extremely hot to my taste, it’s not fun deciding which clothes fit better on my recently slimmer body and sweating at same time. But I had a good moment on Tuesday morning, my big mega boss asked me to go to a meeting he couldn’t go (or didn’t want to, I’m not sure). So I went – it was a meeting with the cops! Explaining: now military police (we’ve civil police too down here) at Rio downtown has monthly meetings with population to talk about what had been done to prevent and reduce criminality, as well to know what has been expected from them. People can suggest ideas, complain about many things... I didn’t know such a thing existed, maybe those meetings had started few months ago, but it sounded like a very good idea. Everybody could speak freely, and not only complains were made, there were many people congratulating cops for some recent acts.
Police in Brazil is divided in two: there’s military one, those guys receive orders directly from state governors, and there’s also civil one, which is frequently requested by population. And civil cops don’t wear uniforms. In fact I don’t know more differences between them (debaser28, penalty, fabiopl and winthrop, feel free to enlighten me and everybody else *g*), but I’m more used to civil cops, a friend of mine is one of them; my uncle is a retired officer; when our car was stolen some time ago they found it on the following day...
Anyway, the meeting was a nice surprise. All cops wore their uniforms and were very polite to us, poor civilians. All of them had their guns, and it was a little disturbing, I’m not used to staying in a place with so many armed people, in fact only when I went to Civil Police Museum (where that friend of mine was working), many years ago, I was surrounded by more guns. Officers seemed a little anxious to please us and provide any info we needed, and there was that huge breakfast prepared to everybody (meeting was at 9 a.m.) – for my own surprise it wasn’t so appealing that it’d have been few months ago. Instead of stuffing myself with everything available I ate 3 little pieces of sausages and a very small portion of scrambled eggs. Ah, and a glass of pineapple juice too. It was more than enough until lunch time for me, but of course rest of people didn’t think same way and keep eating until 10 a.m., when meeting finally started. Yeah, it was a different experience, but it’d be better if I’d found my personal Stabler among all those cops... :o(


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Mar. 12th, 2005 02:22 am (UTC)
You took the easy ones, haha. Shame on me, 'cause I don't know a thing about it.
Mar. 13th, 2005 09:26 pm (UTC)
It's named Conselho Comunitário de Segurança Pública - I never heard about it before, probably it's only happening at Rio downtown so far, but at least it was a nice change from working - yeah, because I didn't need to go to office later that day... and of course I just spent 3 hours there, LOL
Mar. 14th, 2005 07:08 am (UTC)
The way you love your job is just... beautiful, haha.
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